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Since 2-3 weeks I constantly getting Internal Server Errors from on access to my friendica installation. When this occurs I have to try 3-5 reloads before getting the wanted page. It doesn't matter what page I request. Most disturbing of course when reloading the network page and when posting.

I remember this topic where mentioned earlier, but I cannot find the related posts anymore.

My installation is a setup at uberspace running through FastCGI. I have about 150 contacts. No Facebook connector, no twitter or statusnet connector. Merely the WordPress connector activated. There are some friendicas running their setup at uberspace also, I know.

Any hints how to dig into this? It is really disturbing.

From my Apache error log:

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I take another try with a php downgrade. It's now php-5.3.5 again with privacy image cache deactivated.
I thought before the problem was gone and was proven wrong. But since I go back to php-5.3.5 I noticed no internal server errors any more.

These f*ing incompatibilities when php is updated. This problem follows since its beginning :-(