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I cannot comment posts found by search on my own friendica. Is it by intention? Or am I wrong in using search?

If I find some posts on a search I cannot jump to the posts or post-comment directly on my own site. I think there must commenting be possible. I only can jump to the original post at the originators friendica. In my case I am friendica-connected with the originator, but on the original site there is no comment box for me to comment. Probably he deactivated wall-to-wall communication. If I would find the post at my own friendica I think I could comment. But I don't want to scroll 23 Pages back in History ;-)

Any solution?
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What the heck ... ok, the problem seems to be the Theme! I am using diabook since it came to light. But I tested now with Dispy. And what shall I say. Now it works as expected. All links in my search results are to the local copy directly on my own site. And there is no problem anymore.
Phew. I dont like the idea to give up on diabook. I am so used to it and I dont like Dispy (very much too dark) and even not cleanzero (too cluttered and space wasting). The () means: my opinion ;-)